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Warehouse Security Issues.

The following information is only a guideline. Each company should consider all issues before implementing a plan. Some of these issues are, location, product, size of company and supply chain.

  • Perimeter security should be a priority. Fences, lighting,, video surveillance and alarms should be a consideration.
  • Separate employee / customer parking away from loading area.
  • Caged / Security area for appropriate cargo.
  • Inventory Controls.
  • Separation between loaded and empty containers.
  • Background checks on employees.
  • Identification cards issued to employees.
  • Training and education of employees.
  • Liaison with local / federal law enforcement cargo units.
  • Each warehouse should have a security plan in place.
Some security suggestions:
1.Always inspect and record the seal.
2.Use theft and tracking prevention equipment.
3.Don't leave paper work in plain view.
4. Make sure all doors are properly locked and secured.
5.Always park in well lit areas.
Other suggestions
- Never leave the vehicle running while unattended.
- Never hide a second set of keys in the vehicle.
- Watch for chase vehicles.
- Have a plan ready in case of emergency.
Here you will see some of the commonly used locks that you can find on containers.
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